Thorndike has the tools and expertise to Orchestrate acquisition deals of all types

Our approach to acquisition is centered around our vertically integrated team that will find creative solutions to bring out a project’s greatest potential.


Every Thorndike project begins by asking the same question. What product makes the most sense in that sub-market and on that piece of land? As a company we maintain in house Design, Construction, Sales and Management expertise. This allows us to be nimble on our feet and strategic in our approach to evaluating each new potential development. We pride ourselves on being able to flesh out opportunities quickly that allow us to understand the potential of each piece of property uniquely.


For thirty-seven years we have been developing new communities from the ground up. Over that period, we have successfully obtained the permits necessary to begin construction every time – no exceptions. When you do that once or twice it puts a smile on your face. When you have done it for thirty seven years, it speaks volumes about your
meticulous attention to detail and who you are as a company. And along the way we have been cited for excellence more than thirty-five times, receiving “Best in the Nation” designations multiple times.


If we had to point to one thing that sets us apart from other companies, it is our dedication to each project, both professionally and financially. When you do business with Thorndike, you can be confident that you are not working with a fee-based sponsor — you are getting a partner who is dedicated to forging ahead to create a successful project and seeing it through to completion.


We do not believe there is only one way to put a deal together. Whether it makes sense to consider a joint venture or an outright sale, we are not limited by convention or by a strict set of requirements. We partner with a wide range of entities, including landowners, other developers, and financial groups. Because we are well-capitalized and maintain ownership in our ventures, we have tremendous flexibility in structuring partnerships or fee-simple sales. Our strong balance sheet means that we can make deals tailored to your needs and cut out the uncertainty around financing.

Think you might have land we would be interested in?

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